Concierge Specialty Medicine

What is concierge endocrinology?   There is an annual fee to join our practice and we limit the number of patients in our practice to ensure we can provide optimal service. This includes scheduling same day appointments, zero waiting time and most importantly, extended, unhurried visits with Dr. Glueck.  Dr. Glueck will explain your diagnosis, the reasoning behind it and answer all of your questions herself, no nurses or physician assistants, only the physician’s input for your care.  One of her top priorities is to educate you about your hormone problem. Performed with state of the art equipment and technology in her office, your ultrasounds and procedures are done, interpreted and explained to you exclusively by Dr. Glueck.  

The annual fee for General Endocrine Patient Membership includes:

  • No waiting time for appointments – appointments available for you within 2-3 days, same day availability for any urgent issues
  • Extended hours through telemedicine-flexibility to accommodate Saturday and evening visits through telemedicine
  • In office full service lab available by appointment and walk in
  • Same day labs, thyroid ultrasounds and thyroid biopsies as needed
  • 24/7 access to Dr. Glueck through state of the art electronic medical record for non urgent issues
  • Minimal or no contact with other patients during your visit
  • Fee is waived for children less than 18 years old in same family as adult member
  • In house, same day thyroid ultrasounds and thyroid biopsies

The annual fee for Fertility Patient Membership includes all of the above, plus:

  • All visits/ultrasounds are conducted by Dr. Glueck and all treatment communications are through Dr. Glueck exclusively
  • Unlimited communication with Dr. Glueck during treatment cycles by texting and phone
  • Saturday and Sunday hours for treatment cycles are the norm
  • Private, safe, unhurried office environment with individualized plan and attention
  • Competitive/reasonable out of pocket costs for non-covered fertility services
  • Full service guidance and transparency to understand your fertility insurance benefits and help navigating best options for out of pocket costs

 For more information on our fee structure, please contact us at 847-786-0048.