Concierge Specialty Medicine

Beginning in January 2021, Reproductive and Endocrine Health is transitioning to a concierge specialty practice.

The annual fee for General Endocrine Patient Membership will include an initial 60 minute consultation as well as a 30 minute follow up. For returning patients, the membership fee includes two follow up visits in a 12 month period.

Any subsequent visits as well as procedures (ultrasounds, biopsies) and labs are billed directly to your insurance.

Additional benefits include:

  • No waiting time for appointments – appointments available for you within 2-3 days, same day availability for any urgent issues
  • Extended hours through telemedicine-flexibility to accommodate Saturday and evening visits through telemedicine
  • In office full service lab available by appointment and walk in
  • Same day labs, thyroid ultrasounds and thyroid biopsies as needed
  • 24/7 access to Dr. Glueck through state of the art electronic medical record for non urgent issues
  • Minimal or no contact with other patients during your visit
  • Fee is waived for children less than 18 years old in same family as adult member
  • In house, same day thyroid ultrasounds and thyroid biopsies

The annual fee for Fertility Patient Membership includes all of the above, plus:

  • All visits/ultrasounds are conducted by Dr. Glueck and all treatment communications are through Dr. Glueck exclusively
  • Unlimited communication with Dr. Glueck during treatment cycles by texting and phone
  • Saturday and Sunday hours for treatment cycles are the norm
  • Private, safe, unhurried office environment with individualized plan and attention
  • Competitive/reasonable out of pocket costs for non-covered fertility services
  • Full service guidance and transparency to understand your fertility insurance benefits and help navigating best options for out of pocket costs


Additional FAQs about Concierge Specialty Medicine with Dr. Glueck