Dr. Glueck is a medical reproductive endocrinologist and an expert in her field of diagnosing and treating endocrine related infertility.  Her practice is dedicated to providing comprehensive, personalized and effective fertility care in a small, private practice setting.

Dr. Glueck trained with expert medical reproductive endocrinologists while living in Miami and gained advanced expertise in fertility treatment with ovulation induction techniques.  Ovulation induction medicines are the treatments used to correct certain problems with egg development and allow the ovary to produce an optimally fertile egg.  These techniques overcome many issues that are interrupting normal egg ripening and ovulation without using In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

There is a wide range of conditions that lead to a couple having difficulty getting pregnant. These problems include: issues with egg production (ovulation), egg quality and numbers (usually age related), blockage or other problems within the uterus or fallopian tubes, and also issues with sperm quality or numbers (male factor).  Many of these issues are amenable to treatment with ovulation induction medicines with or without inseminations and do not need treatment with more invasive IVF treatments.

As a medical endocrinologist, Dr. Glueck is able to comprehensively evaluate the whole picture and help decide the correct treatment options.  She will dedicate herself to your goal of achieving a pregnancy. If the best route for this is IVF, Dr. Glueck will make sure that this is understood in the timeliest way possible and help guide you to the best treatment options.

Up to 40% of fertility problems in couples can be due to an underlying issue with the sperm, or male factor infertility.  Because Dr. Glueck is an endocrinologist and not a gynecologist, her practice extends to male factor infertility as well. She is skilled in diagnosing and managing men’s disorders of the reproductive system. Depending on the underlying cause of the problem, safe and effective medications can often help improve sperm quality and fertility potential.