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Achieve Thyroid Balance.

Thyroid imbalance can affect almost every body system.

Thyroid ultrasounds and thyroid nodule biopsies performed by Dr. Glueck, herself.

Learn more about Afirma thyroid testing.

Thyroid balance is crucial during pregnancy.

Educate Yourself.

Understand the Thyroid FAQs.

Thyroid disease can be confusing and there is a lot of conflicting information on the internet and in books. We can answer your questions. Questions such as:

• I have Hashimoto's disease so why is my thyroid functioning normally?
• I have been told my thyroid is okay but I have all the symptoms of thyroid issues. Has something been missed in my labs?
• When I first started thyroid hormone, I felt better. Why am I back to the same symptoms now?
• Should I be taking T3?
• What is "natural" thyroid hormone? Is it better for me?
• Is thyroid hormone a weight management tool?

Educate Yourself.

Sort out the Thyroid Myths.

Hormones are confusing and thyroid disease in particular. We can explain it in a clear way and sort through the myths. Gain an in depth understanding of your thyroid from the experts. Here are some common subjects and myths around thyroid:

• Special diets or avoiding foods for thyroid health
• Thyroid and pregnancy
• Thyroid and weight
• Relationship of thyroid and pregnancy complications
• Iodine and other supplementation and thyroid health

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