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What is Reproductive Health?

Much more than infertility.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome affects 10-20% of reproductive age women.

Abnormal periods can reflect a problem in overall health status.

Menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy

Low Testosterone & Hypogonadism in Men

Educate Yourself.

PCOS is under-diagnosed and often misunderstood.

PCOS is a complex issue that is often difficult to diagnose and confusing to read about. In a research study about the experience of women seeking help for PCOS symptoms, nearly half of women had to see at least 3 health care professionals before a PCOS diagnosis was established and only 15% of those patients diagnosed with PCOS were satisfied with the information about PCOS provided at the time of diagnosis. Lets change that.

Educate Yourself.

Though uncommon, low testosterone can be a serious health issue.

Particularly in young men, a finding of low testosterone is extremely uncommon. Low testosterone can reflect serious underlying medical problems including:

• Pituitary diseases and tumors
• Kidney, liver or heart failure
• Infections
• Medications and drug use
• Obesity and malnutrition

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