We’ve created a new patient care model, so that your health goals are front & center.

By charging a flat annual fee, we can offer the things a more typical doctor’s office can’t.

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How does it work?

A flat annual fee.

By charging a flat annual fee, we can offer things a more typical doctor’s office can’t. Things like scheduling same day appointments, zero waiting time and most importantly, extended, unhurried visits with Dr. Glueck.

No more worrying about doctors not remembering your medical history.

Simply put, your medical history, care plan, and hormonal health goals makeup 100% of Dr. Glueck’s focus, and so she prides herself on having a deep understanding of you, as her patient.

General Endocrine Membership

New Patients: $950.00/year

Follow up Patients: $750.00/year

Annual membership includes the following:

See payment policy
No appointment waiting times.

Truly predictable appointment times. Arrive for your appointment, get seen immediately.

Same-day reservations for anything urgent.

Have a pressing issue? Get seen immediately. For non-urgent issues, book appointments within 2-3 days.

Evenings via telemedicine.

Extended hours through telemedicine-flexibility to accommodate real-world schedules.

The lab is in the office, and it’s walk-in flexible.

Our full-service lab is in our office. No shuffling between locations, available by appointment and walk-in.

Direct access to Dr. Glueck.

Contact Dr. Glueck directly, for any issue, urgent or not.

State-of-the-art technology.

Thyroid ultrasounds and thyroid nodule biopsies performed by Dr. Glueck, using advanced ultrasound equipment.

Private, safe, unhurried office environment.

Private, focused appointments with Dr. Glueck to avoid contact with other patients, and to provide a distraction-free space for effective care.

Kids under 18 are free.

Fee is waived for children less than 18 years old in same family as adult member.

Fertility Patient Add-on


The Fertility plan add-on includes all of the above and:

See payment policy
Visits & Services exclusively conducted by Dr. Glueck.

All visits and ultrasounds are conducted by Dr. Glueck and all treatment communications are through Dr. Glueck exclusively.

Unlimited communications with Dr. Glueck.

All-access communication with Dr. Glueck during treatment cycles by texting and phone.

Saturday & Sunday visits during active cycles

Saturday and Sunday hours for treatment cycles are the norm.

Non-covered fertility services are reasonable priced.

Competitive/reasonable out of pocket costs for non-covered fertility services.

Full-service out-of-pocket cost guidance.

Full service guidance and transparency to understand your fertility insurance benefits and help navigating best options for out of pocket costs.

Patient Consent forms for active treatment patients only.

MyChart Access

Go to your Existing MyChart Account

For urgent issues, call us direct at the number above. For all else, we’ll respond through MyChart within 24-48 hours.

Sign in to MyChart
Setup a New MyChart Account

Contact Dr. Glueck’s office to establish a MyChart account.

Create MyChart account


Pay via your MyChart

After logging in, you can access BILLING from either top bar or right side bar under Quick Links. Click on billing and then click on ACCOUNT SUMMARY. From there you will be able to pay in full or set up a payment plan for the balance.

Login to MyChart
Pay as a Guest

To Pay as a Guest or if you are the Guarantor for another account. Please go to MyChart Login and click on Pay as Guest link on right hand side.

MyChart Guest Payment

Directions & Parking

Port Clinton Square

600 Central Ave #315
Highland Park, IL 60035

(847) 786-0048
(847) 786-0034

Directions to the office

We are located in Port Clinton Square. Some navigation systems have a hard time with our address. The building entrance is located in the back left hand side of a large courtyard, the building says Northwestern Medicine at the top.


Highland Park is strict about their parking enforcement, please read the signs carefully.

Parking is available on the street or in public lots. The lot under our building is found on Laurel Avenue at 1st Street. Port Clinton Square offers 3 hours of free, indoor parking and there is direct elevator access from the parking lot to the office. If you use this garage, take the East Elevator to the third floor.

A personalized & patient-centered approach.

Doctor-only visits, no nurses.

Utilizing the latest research.

Be seen in-person or via telehealth.

Focused, zero-rush appointments.

State-of-the-art practices and technology.

Offering same-day reservations.

Healthful Dynamics.

A new patient care model

We’ve created a new patient care model, so that your health goals are front & center, and we’re on the journey together.

We are grateful for
the opportunity to help.

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